It is one way to look at things, when you begin to get glimpses of life beyond this time and space.  It is also a recognized level I can reach in meditation/daydream state, in a couple of different ways.  But both involve splitting, which is seeing past all the density. Done first with open eyes, and later taken much deeper, almost like a dream state.  It is attractive in some sense to explore this floating place, as there are no discomforts there as here.  Always interesting, the overall feeling is truly like floating in air.

But now, I need to float myself out in that yard out there.  Doggies can face their fears too!  Wind storms with heavy rain and lots of thunder and trees banging on the house all day.  Final check on the chickens.  They are brave girls, with no decent house!  They go home to their wire transport cage every night.  Three hens sit on the big perch, the other one prefers to sit on the box underneath.  I go out every night and do a head count and lock their door, and then cover them up.  They make the strangest little whiney noises like they are really trying to tell me something.  We have a full week of this ahead.  I really need to hire a house manager, primarily kitchen, so I have time to do everything else!

The river trees drip rainwater heavily after storms like this.  You have to keep heads-up at all times, for falling trees and giant limbs loose over your head.  In July I hope to rent a backhoe and get busy.  If I don’t get some retaining walls up, we might just wash away like everything else!  Where we live is like a big open plain with some small hills.  The ocean to the south is about five hours away, but we feel her all the time, and even get the occasional sea bird.  They always make such a racket!

Dogs are such emotional creatures.  They really don’t do well in storms.  Now that this last one is done, everyone is knocked out!  I still hear some scary sounds, and it’s getting late.  I’ll put on my night gear and hope for the best.  The second I put on my boots, Helen will jump to her feet and wake the rest of them up.  Arnie just came in.  Kitties are bored and acting out.  Always it’s Arnie.  He’s gone from a baby, to a big show-off!  Ok…  let’s go seeeee!  😨