Love Your Pet? Don’t Microchip/Vaccinate Them!

Great. This is just horrible. It is required to chip and vaccinate to claim animals from the shelter in Texas.

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microchipped dogs

I am glad until now this is not mandatory Bow..Bow..!! Correct me if i am wrong? Also there has been many known Side effects of the same, its like a chemical cocktail for the innocent animals…Neither Vaccinate Them, as because of the toxic ingredients they often contain. Among these are: Thimerosal / Aluminum / Formaldehyde / Phenol /Viruses , Since More and more evidence is coming to light these days showing that pet vaccines are a scientific fraud and that they’re little more than a huge money making scam because they are neither safe nor effective.

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Real evidence shows that microchip implants are an unreliable and potentially dangerous form of identification for pets.

In spite of the risks, microchip companies and advocates of microchipping continue to mislead pet owners by saying that microchips are reliable and safe. In addition, mandatory animal microchipping legislation continues to be…

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Author Terri Farley on Wild Horse and Burro Radio TONIGHT!

7 Straight Up In Texas@listen…

Straight from the Horse's Heart



WEDNESDAY, Sept. 24th, 2014

5:00 pm PST … 6:00 pm MST … 7:00 pm CST … 8:00 pm EST

Listen Live (Here!)

Call in # 917-388-4520

Join Debbie Coffey and her guest Terry Farley

This show is part of the educational outreach program sponsored by Wild Horse Freedom Federation


Terri Farley 2014

Terri Farley is the best-selling author of the PHANTOM STALLION series for young readers and a contemporary Celtic fantasy nominated as a YALSA best book. She was honored by the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame and her HarperCollins books have sold more than two million copies in 28 countries.

Farley is an advocate for the West’s wild horses and works with young people learning to make their voices heard. Wild at Heart: Mustangs and the Young People Fighting to Save Them, her first work of non-fiction, is due out from Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt Fall 2015.

Terri Farley/BOOK

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Is Miami On The Brink Of A Nuclear Disaster?

We have been made aware…


New reports indicate a Fukushima-style nuclear disaster is inevitable in the Miami area, and need to be investigated immediately.

Concerns over the possibility of a Fukushima-like nuclear meltdown event in the U.S. have been growing, with the most likely next disaster predicted in 2011 to be surprisingly close to Miami Florida, at the Turkey Point facility 20 miles east of Homestead.

According to a July 23rd NPR story, the Turkey Point facility was found to be (literally) in hot water, over its cooling system, which caused federal regulators to be so concerned, that they upped the nuclear plant’s cooling system allowable temperature to exceed the 100 degree limit for 10 days – up to 103 degrees if necessary. The plant has come close to 100 degrees, which should mandate an immediate shut down. But instead of exercising precaution, regulators simply increased their legal limit causing environmental groups in nearby Biscayne…

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Photos of wild mares (& bison) on BLM’s contracted feedlot in Scott City, KS

This kind of killing is nothing short of pure evil.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Yesterday it was about 97 degrees with no shade on this flat feedlot in Scott City, Kansas.  There may also be thunderstorms and lightning this week.   The BLM recently shipped almost 1,500 wild mares to this feedlot from the Teterville long term holding pasture in Kansas.  80 wild mares have died in a short period of time.  As you know, the BLM only invited CREDENTIALED PRESS on a tour of this facility.  The BLM did NOT invite representatives of any wild horse & burro advocacy groups, or members of the public.   However, the public (who cares) posted these photos and comments on the internet:


20 -30 horses in one pen beside bison.

No shelter, in small pens, with extremely hot temps.  It seems that some of the horses had no freezebrands or tags on their necks.


This is a lagoon for this feedlot.




Signs from the road.

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Editorial: East Coast’s wild horse herd deserves protection

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by the Editorial Board of the Winston-Salem Journal

Tourists still cherish the sight of the horses.

Corolla Wild HorsesAs coastal wild horses live their untamed lives, they face challenges to their very existence. It’s time for our lawmakers to take action to preserve these natural wonders.

For hundreds of years, Spanish mustangs moved freely along the Outer Banks. In these days of heavy development, they roam around the northern Outer Banks town of Corolla, which only in the last several years has seen that development.

Tourists still cherish the sight of the horses. Several tour companies make money off them. But they are now threatened by overexposure to man and federal policies that leave them severely inbred, The News and Observer of Raleigh reported recently.

Some tourists, perhaps not accustomed to nature, have taken to trying to chase the horses down for photographs or to feed them foods…

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