Love Your Pet? Don’t Microchip/Vaccinate Them!

Great. This is just horrible. It is required to chip and vaccinate to claim animals from the shelter in Texas.

Mission Galactic Freedom

microchipped dogs

I am glad until now this is not mandatory Bow..Bow..!! Correct me if i am wrong? Also there has been many known Side effects of the same, its like a chemical cocktail for the innocent animals…Neither Vaccinate Them, as because of the toxic ingredients they often contain. Among these are: Thimerosal / Aluminum / Formaldehyde / Phenol /Viruses , Since More and more evidence is coming to light these days showing that pet vaccines are a scientific fraud and that they’re little more than a huge money making scam because they are neither safe nor effective.

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Real evidence shows that microchip implants are an unreliable and potentially dangerous form of identification for pets.

In spite of the risks, microchip companies and advocates of microchipping continue to mislead pet owners by saying that microchips are reliable and safe. In addition, mandatory animal microchipping legislation continues to be…

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