Photos of wild mares (& bison) on BLM’s contracted feedlot in Scott City, KS

This kind of killing is nothing short of pure evil.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Yesterday it was about 97 degrees with no shade on this flat feedlot in Scott City, Kansas.  There may also be thunderstorms and lightning this week.   The BLM recently shipped almost 1,500 wild mares to this feedlot from the Teterville long term holding pasture in Kansas.  80 wild mares have died in a short period of time.  As you know, the BLM only invited CREDENTIALED PRESS on a tour of this facility.  The BLM did NOT invite representatives of any wild horse & burro advocacy groups, or members of the public.   However, the public (who cares) posted these photos and comments on the internet:


20 -30 horses in one pen beside bison.

No shelter, in small pens, with extremely hot temps.  It seems that some of the horses had no freezebrands or tags on their necks.


This is a lagoon for this feedlot.




Signs from the road.

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