Help me save my dog… please…

This is the link to the blog written by Cindy Marabito to help save my dog’s life. My life has been turned upside down in the past two weeks. One victim of the change has been my companion Biscuit, an aussie shepherd mix. He has never seen me as his pack leader and so without Jim anymore, he is lost.
When I got help from my God-son who has come to live here so together we can build an organic farm, my dog Biscuit went nuts. He was very upset and I couldn’t control him. For two days and nights he would not stop howling and barking, and he was inconsolable.
In order to protect my new son and any other people, I had to let the animal shelter here in my county of Bastrop, Texas, come and get him. They would have anyway once the neighbors returned home, no doubt. This shelter is a very high kill shelter as they are inundated with animals at this time, like so many others in our country.

Biscuit is a dog that needs a job. He would be easily trainable. He knows hand signals. He knows voice commands, and he herds. His sight is not so great, so that is part of the reason that when he becomes scared when he can’t make out the person, he forgets to use his nose and he will try to defend himself or others he is protecting.

Biscuit is truly just a big baby that slept with Jim every night for the past four years. Now that Jim is gone, he was quite old, Biscuit is lost. I am not his pack leader. I am a disabled 59 yr. old woman, single, and living month to month barely, only by the grace of God. But if we can raise $2400 we can have Biscuit sent to Dog Town where he will be trained and not killed.

If you love animals, please share this post. Share the heck out of it please. He’s a good boy. He really is and without this he is doomed. Right now no one can even get near him.
He’s on his third day at the shelter.

If you can help even $1 would. Because we will also need to pay our attorneys who are trying to write a Motion For Stay of Execution on Biscuit. Any help you can direct toward the links given in the post above will be more than appreciated. I personally will be forever grateful. Thank you for reading this and sharing. Your friend, Cissy, down in Tejas



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