Our Food Is Being Deliberately Poisoned

As I finish this post, my cheeks feel hot. I feel emotion building a knot in my chest. I hope everyone that reads this will comment. We can’t give up. There’s no where to go! It’s that bad!

Deus Nexus

DeusNexus_Avatar_NEWDEUS NEXUS: This is probably one of the more alarming articles I’ve ever posted.  Yes, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) is overly melodramatic.  His articles are often delivered with more opinion than evidence, promoting health with a big dose of fear.  (Unrestrained fear is never healthy, knowledge is empowering.)  However, the evidence he is shedding on the contamination of our food supply, even in the supposed health food industry, is extremely troubling.

We have crossed a dangerous line as a civilization when we can no longer rely upon the basic nourishment we are entitled to live upon as organic beings – the sunlight we receive, the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat.  Yes, we have known for decades that there are problems, that our water supply is being fluoridated, that our air is being filled with pollution and toxins, that our food is saturated with artificial chemicals…

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