I had an urge.

I realize that my comment here is longer than the original post by the blog writer himself, but, maybe that’s okay. Anytime I have a moment of clarity or understanding, I feel it important to share it. There are a lot more of “us” out there then you might think. And most of them are undiagnosed and un-treated. At least some of us are awake and aware, and we try really hard to get along, and have good productive lives. So thanks go out to the man who writes this blog. I’m very glad I read your post this morning! Really!


I had an urge last night.  I thought about killing myself.

It’s truly bizarre.  I’ve been doing so well for quite a while now.  My medications seem to have gotten the extreme mood swings under control.  My therapy is going well.  I’ve been able to focus on and overcome the personality traits and habits I’ve picked up through the years of mental illness.  I have a budding relationship (Slowly…very slowly) developing into what feels healthy and safe.  My work has slowed down and there’s no anxiety or stress like there has been.

It’s all good.

So where in the hell did this thought come from?  I’m getting ready for bed, walked into the bath to take my evening medications, and BAM.  Out of nowhere I have this overwhelming urge to die.  There was no warning or sad feelings that could lead up to this at all.  It had been a…

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