NM Citizen Speaks Out: ‘Horse Slaughter is Slap in the Face to Human Spirituality’

Why do we not care anymore? Why does anyone let this happen? Do we all not see that this is not the making of our own hand? By our very negligence this is happening! We have become a drugged society, too tired to do anything but stare at a television to numb the pain! Unite against evil!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Letter to the editor of The Taos News by Albuquerque resident Karen Borch

“Here at SFTHH we are not condoning nor are we speaking to any individual faith or religion but instead we stand in total alignment with the author of this “letter to the editor” regarding the brutality, cruelty and disgrace that horse slaughter brings forward to the human race.  We should be good stewards to all that live on this planet, including ourselves; instead we have allowed a perverted, sadistic, sub-human cult to perpetuate and make progress in butchering those living beings who cannot protect themselves from such dark madness.  It is truly time to shine the light on the poisoned slime and drive it back into the dark and dank crevices from whence it crawled.  The “Pro-Slaughter” deviants are an embarrassment to our species and an insult to humanity…so much so that if I were a higher…

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