Broken Hearts and Sassy Monsters

cloud13papa homr

Taken from the social website I use to connect with other people who devote their lives to animals, the creatures of God, Source and all that is right and holy in this world…

Last nite a gf called me and we talked on the phone for a long time about our lives, our friend’s lives, and how and why we react as we do… and this morning after again seeing this beautiful picture of a man holding his dog, as the “mom” was complaining/joking about how their little dog Sassy, who had become ill, and during that time, as she was nursed back to health, became a bit spoiled, no longer acknowledging proper “rules, boundaries and limitations…”, I was compelled to write the following words, as my comment for the day, and I thought you might find it interesting as well, as we have so much in common, so here is/was my comment to them, and I will also try to get the pic up here for you to see (I am old so a bit clumsy with the w8 machine I’m on here)….

It’s like the conversation I had with a gf last nite, sometimes little ones, even human little ones, even horses and equine like donkeys for instance, any very young creature, even at later stages in their growth, can become so traumatized that they quite literally cannot handle the impact the trauma has on their psyche, most likely because the trauma engages all of their brain fight or flight responses all at once, again, over and over, for whatever reason or situation, and it is sadly true in these individuals, be they human, canine or equine, something has truly snapped, broken. And in that reality, is their true and only trusted means of survival. And a “trigger” for that response can come from a lot of different places and from a lot of different ideas and images burned into their brains. Last nite, my gf told me that upon viewing and evaluating the behavior of one particular very damaged wild mustang, Buck Brannaman himself shook his head and said, “sorry, maam, but even I wouldn’t have a go with this one…” (paraphrased) (possible misspelling of his name) Buck is not only a tender and genius horseman but he has huge insight into the pain and enduring determination to survive that comes with real trauma, in whatever form it comes. So with this insight from a most beloved and respected horse trainer, it’s not hard to imagine where aggressive behaviors come from in little dogs… but since clearly Miss Sassy is just a “spoiled rotten” and with good reason, I guess getting stuck with a Sassy Monster ain’t really all that bad… love to papa homr with all my heart, in fact I think it’s actually melting a little bit…. haha peace out people – love your critters and never miss a moment of this amazing experience we know as life. Even if sometimes it gets hard as holy hell. Why? Cause you can always find a little Sassy Monster to love for life… you can!

We have one of those very special super bright early Texas spring days today, so get out there, go to the park with your dogs, get in the car and drive out to the lake with your kids, and your dogs… load everyone up in the truck and go to Grandma’s house, visit with her, really sit down and just pass a few minutes, however it seems to go… just do it… Love to you all, great and small… real, honest, enduring, true love….. Aunt Cissy (just named this for the first time last nite also by a very beloved and beautiful horsewoman in her own right, Miss Katie Creel) so I’m pretty happy about that today as well. Never been called that before.. ❤ Give somebody a good strong hug today. It's a "good thing!" Thanks Martha! hahahaha

One last thing, while the world twirls around and we stumble around in our own piles of muck, yesterday an amazing and beautiful young woman named Ashleigh loaded up a bunch of strays she’d rescued from the local kill shelter and took them to an adoption event. And when she came back home that night, she was three short of the original bunch! And this is just one unselfish young girl that already has been taught the value and reward in doing what is right in the world, rather than.. well… other stuff…. And three worthy loveable and blessed dogs today can run free with their new guardians and today enjoy their new homes, and today know what it feels like to really, honest to God, get a second chance to live, to live a good life… All thanks go out to Ashleigh today, because today, she is my true hero! May we all be one someday!


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