Happy Earth Day Everyone!!!!!!!!


This is Ahmed, one of my really most favorite friends… Happy Earth Day Ahmed!!!

We keep going, like ants on an anthill… this life can be overrated…

I’m putting out “feelers” all over the place, don’t know why, it just gets harder…

when it’s all said and done… I’ll still be here, laughing, dancing, singing…

I stare at athletes sometimes, with complete awe and amazement, and wonder what it would be like, if for just one day, I could know what being inside a strong and whole body might feel like… but I can play piano, and ride horses, I see beauty in trees, I love to swim in rivers and lakes… summer is coming!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love myself, why? Coz it’s Earth Day 2013!!!!! And I’m still here and so are you. I know you’re out there somewhere, my partner… 🙂

Life is what you make of it. Simple and true. But each guy’s gotta walk his own path alone. Also true. But I believe that sometimes we can be bold enough to look outside the box a little, beyond what we normally see, or hope for… I wish I could fall in love at least once a day… and sometimes it’s easy… I just have to look around… 🙂

Happy Earth Day Mother Earth! Happy Birthday! Thanks for letting us hang around, hang on, hehe… Thanks for giving such a beautiful place to learn all the things we need to work on, to change, and please, please, ME, Mother Earth, Hang in there.. Things are Gonna Get Better! They already are! Be cool out there, give someone a hug for me, too! Celebrate! It’s a beautiful day! Peace! Kisses!!


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