“is ok,” he said…. “is all ok.”

blessed boy

a good name for a band… ?

what is this life… we learn to walk carefully… good thing, coz we were always alone, born this way on purpose…. it is a beautiful thing!

on this spiritual path is very beautiful… indeed, quite the curiosity… sometimes I am overcome with the want to Dance! Round ‘n Round, Skirts a’flyin….

but most times, i am the forgotten woman, she hides her eyes, not to be seen, but to see… as she is looking… always….

there is a place where men practice, where women watch and learn…. it is a beautiful and magnificent place….

the old woman shakes her head and blinks, wiping her brow…. takes deep breath…. her head begins to raise… and she breathes again…

she is all that there is and all that there ever will be and she is everything! She is beloved daughter, sister, mother, friend, partner, healer, she is all things…. they have all just forgotten….

a little frog jumps across the stone as she startled it… the water bowl is nearby… clear and full… she looks up and the trees have gone to bed… no more talking… like silly kids….

I am facing myself a lot lately. Very interesting. One thing I have noticed in the past few days… the nature of love…. yes, it is very beautiful… but there is a price for such knowledge… and this price can break you….

so you decide, are you a hero or a chump, how many hats can you wear? As many as you need to. And those dreams you just can’t quite reach… doesn’t matter right now, it is what it is, good with the bad, and it is What You Are Focusing On. Practice around with this hocus-pocus stuff and you might find there’s a Whole Lot more out there than meets the “eye,” hehe

In other words, control your thoughts enough to study. Practice how to think in ways more beneficial possibly… They say if you are all in “alignment” and you are truly “walking in your sacred path” and you are open and seeing what is the best possible outcome for all things… whatever it is you want in your life, the universe cannot deny you. It simply cannot. Imagine if you can learn to direct your “focus” on special ideas, or solutions or something amazing to speak to the world….

You must be open. You can’t be bogus. Coz it hurts and people will know if you are not genuine… It hurts because it is so beautiful, when you see the truth… as it was all along… it was always one and the same, it was us who separated from it, or let ourselves be dulled into submission… blindly…

i am looking around again, and what I see is amazing and wonderful. No one can take away my power. Only can I give it away. That is a very good lesson no. 1 to learn. Simple. Focus – Lesson No. 2. Do not let yourself be taken away with thoughts like wild demons, rather, slow down and breathe this magnificent magical ocean of energy into your heart, and damn it, if you cry a little, that’s a good thing, if you get mad as hell and maybe you find a way to let it go, then that’s all good and right and how it should be and just what it is. Emotion is Life. Without it, there is no life, not worth living….

Blessings Be Upon Thee, Good Night, Hixikanwe (We Are Together).

pronounced hishi kung way — from the Mozambique language

thanks go to Jonathon.

Thank you Mojo! Loved your pics! They are priceless and amazing! As are you!

There is a great light out there and as each one of us carries it with us, others can see it, and they take some too, and it gets carried further, and further,

it cannot be denied…. 🙂


One thought on ““is ok,” he said…. “is all ok.”

  1. cissyblue says:

    Today is a very sad day for us all because poachers/killers in the country of Mozambique, decimated/slaughtered an entire rhino herd, killed on the reserve there, if I read it correctly…

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