Another Cloudy, Cold, Wet Day…

A comment I added to an expression/pic of anger against cruelty and harm:  whether we kill, or be killed, whether we eat, or be eaten, whether we are in total alignment and walking our own sacred path, or find ourselves wound into a furious tornado of anger and rage at injustice we see, it is all part of the whole that must be, without one there is not the other, sometimes when anger speaks, it is… God trying to spell things out for us… there is no reason to wonder, there is forgiveness enough for all, in fact, it is our inherent right, just to “be” or to take up arms against an army, we are still loved, we are still worthy, and even in the face of the greatest cruelty lies the change we wish to see, to embrace…. that for which we fight so bravely… each in our own way…  there is no angry God to judge us, it is just us, all alone, in our own little/great path to reason.  Two nites ago, for me, it felt like I was alone in Bermuda shorts, trying to climb Kilimanjaro with nothing, against furious blizzards of cutting shards, and two days later, I reached the top, successful in that task, that purpose, but still with tears, still looking down upon the whole of those left yet to save…  IT IS NOT MY JOB!!!!  THAT IS THE LESSON.   IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO SAVE THE WORLD.  We are all doing the best that we can at all times…   there is no judgment except for what we place on ourselves.  We were always loved, and always will be. We were born worthy.  Each and every single living breathing creature was born from love and imagination and inherent worthiness.  Whether we are surrounded by our family, our home, our Mother, or find ourselves very much alone now, in this physical, beautiful place, I believe we are here to experience every imaginable emotion and sensation, however sublime or intense, that is our only purpose, to observe, and to aid those we can, and always, always have our hands open, with love to give from God, from Mother Earth, from the Heavens, we are only reflections of this amazing creation…  ♥  and I am filled with love today…

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