For the life I’ve lived, I can’t explain much.  It’s like Rogan says, we don’t know shit, and the people who say they do, are lying….

But tonite, I ran across a little non-descript black female dog, they call Fiona.  She looks so sad and lost in the pic…

She’s one day away from being killed in a kill shelter here in my county.

I notice horses, donks, dogs, cats, all of them, every day, that need a good home…  But when I saw Fiona, I knew if I didn’t try, maybe no one would.

I need another dog to love, because I can.  Because I have the room, and the knowledge, and the ability, and the desire.  I am more at ease with my dog pack than with most any group of people…..  sad, but true…

Last spring, my heart was broken because I made the very difficult decision not to take in two little equine, a miniature stallion and his donkey friend.  When I faced reality of the cost of their feeding and care, it was overwhelming, when I have to work so hard to feed two of us, plus the pets, as it is….

But I’m not quite dead yet, I am here, wanting to help someone…  and there was Fiona…   something in me will die again, if they reject my app….

I need a miracle again…  I just want to be a good person, and I have so much love to give, and she will help me to get out and walk again…  I want to love her, call me crazy…  I love my pets, every one, from little blind Jerry, to old Cleo, all of them, they are my life, my babies, my pack….

If you pray, or have wishes that you send up to the universal divine power, I ask you to think of an old lady gardener, who wants to make up for past mistakes and love a little dog that has about zero chance, right now….   but maybe I’m her chance… maybe I am….  maybe this one can make it….

How can an old gardener with Joni Mitchell songs going on in her head, keep going, when life is so hard… I’ll tell you, by love.

I used to think after my husband left me, I’d die of heartbreak.  I still miss him.  You don’t stop loving someone…  But now I am older, I can survive, I am smarter, and all the hard work I did in my younger days is going to start paying off…  but all I want is one little black dog….   please God, don’t let them kill her…    I help people every day, really, no problem, but sometimes you just have to ask for help, and this is one of those times…

just mainly need your best wishes for the life of this little dog…  she represents us all….   we are all one, we really are….   even little black dogs….  I’d do whatever I have to, to save her life…

post script to story on Fiona:  I received a two line response from the kill shelter that went something like this: “Fiona must be kept as an “inside dog” only.  She is a climber and will scale any fence.”

In the app it asked if I would buy a crate and use it..  I said absolutely not, I consider them torture.  That probably did it right there.  Honestly that is the craziest line of bull I’ve heard in a long time.  What animal wouldn’t love to have freedom to run off leash.  She could have that here.  My dog Biscuit can jump straight up six feet fairly easily, and he hasn’t managed to “break out.”  Anyway, they wouldn’t if they could.  They love living here.  Poor, poor Fiona.  Just another black dog that didn’t catch a break in this world.  Maybe Jim was right.  “Can’t save them all.”  How very sad.  We can try and try and sometimes we fail.  We just have to never give up trying.  I never will, even in the face of total absurdity.  Good luck Fiona, wherever you go….  much love….

She speaks to me..... I just want to bring her home, to love her...

She speaks to me…..
I just want to bring her home, to love her…


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