Getting A Spiritual Tune-Up

The common denominator phrase over and over always refers to “being open.”   You never want to discredit an idea just because it seems so far-fetched, so for the last month I’ve put all my focus on opening my heart, and my mind, just to be receptive to, well…   whatever…

I am beginning to notice all kinds of “energy,” that part of reality you can’t see, you just feel it.  Like every other human skill or activity, energy-work must be practiced with enthusiasm and determination to achieve a good result.

It may sound too ultra-simple, but I find beauty in that.  It may have already been discovered, and written about in a thousand different ways, but this is my best effort to explain what in the blue blazes I’m talking about.

This may well be one of those really amazing a-ha moments when what you desire is right in front of your face, and always has been.  You just weren’t “tuned-up.”

My first blog was called Altered States of Consciousness.  And it could continue on easily, as there are hundreds of interesting topics to explore in that realm.  It is about the different places we go mind, body and spirit to shift perspective.  We all do it.

Whenever my buddy Jim returns home in his little Chevy truck, just like always, there is huge drama and excitement from every creature we have here on the farm, especially the pack.  It’s almost like a competition between the alpha members, Big Biscuit and old Abigale to see who can stir it up the most!  The excitement will turn into a frenzy and most times I am so bewildered and taken aback at the spectacle, I just stare at them frozen in time and space…

It is easy to feel the energy of the house whenever the “it’s Jim” ritual occurs.  The old girls begin with little yips that join in with the two hounds’ stretched out yodeling that quickly turns into all-out major howling, like wolves or sled dogs of the iditerod.  The wild amazing energy is all focused on Jim.  Then I notice as he collects himself, and begins to settle down in his room, he directs his energy outward to one or the next terrier or wanna-be sled dog…  it was their goal from the start, to have his energy directed at them!  They thrive on it.

As I mentioned briefly in the old blog about peak experience during an altered state, our resident dog pack will start their little frenzy episodes slowly, and build up to the resulting crescendo when it finally breaks as the front door opens.  It is easy to feel their energy build; it is like a tsunami of sound and emotion.  Their energy is all connected.

I call my new blog Ephemeral Spirit.  It is more about learning and discovering energy, what it is and how we can benefit and enjoy it.  Americans are notoriously always behind the times in a progressive sense, at least to me, but I am confident that all people are exactly where they are meant to be, and “time” as we know it, is just simple measurements of a collective heartbeat.

I made a new friend yesterday, not altogether intentionally, but quite indirectly.  At the same time, I faced something that I didn’t even realize I feared, which is placing myself into a situation where I am the clear minority.  It would seem that on the surface I am perfectly at ease with most anyone, but put me in a group of people I have no relation to and no understanding of, and I will most likely be courting some serious anxiety, even if it is subconscious.  I am really glad I found this out, because… I don’t feel that way anymore!  I looked at it, noticed how completely irrational and ungrounded a fear like that was, and just let it go.  Simple, right?

Here’s the epiphany, and I don’t use that word lightly.  Whenever I face something I basically fear, it’s an adrenaline rush.  At my age, you can never get enough of those.  You’re just relieved to live through it!  Whenever a true connection happens between two people, like unexpectedly making a new friend, this new connection can be exhilarating, depending on the level of awareness you have for the experience and the endless possibilities it presents.  It is the energy, or more precisely, the “connection” of energy, which now has the capacity to grow and increase exponentially.

I imagine the scene in Avatar, the movie, where all the people are seated around the Mother Tree, and they are all chanting, connecting mind, body and spirit, directing all their energy toward the tree.  And the tree itself is connected to everything around it as well.  The tree has a massive root system, a living fractal underground, right beneath their bodies, and long-hanging branches like a willow surround the tree a hundred feet above them, with little feathery seeds/the essence of life itself, floating down into the air.  The whole scene is the living vibration of breath, the embodiment of life.

Yeah, I know, it takes me a very long time for things to sink in, but I am infused with possibilities as I contemplate what this discovery means.  Just think, if instead of discord, it was the ultimate goal of humanity to make connections.  Many are well ahead in this direction.  It’s very interesting how suppressed we’ve become as a nation in America, when you think about the vast numbers of us.  We’re divided into groups on purpose, ready to fight each other, and that’s just not necessary.  So many are caught up in fear.  You name it, somebody fears it.  And fear is a negative energy that can spin out of control quickly into unthinkable situations.  Taking away one man’s gun is like giving a diseased person a bottle of pills and expecting a positive result.  You have to go to the root of the problem.

I have a new idea for purposeful, mindful connection– that all things come and go in their own time.  And the emotional energy is created as our conscious minds search to fulfill our destiny. This thing we call life is just a dance of human emotion, no matter how hard we try to suppress or deny it. Wonderful, raw, powerful, intense human energy, folks.  We’re not broken; we’ve just been beaten into submission.  Finding our own spiritual energy so we can focus it out and make meaningful connections is the one best and brightest hope humanity has to survive.

Remember in the movie, Hidalgo, how the goat-herder used all his emotions and energies to convey every detail of the serious nature, life and death, of the great race to Frank Hopkins.  Despite the dangers, and the cowboy’s obvious handicaps, the beautiful Persian people, the great Bedouins, the People of the Horse, all gathered around him, actively and consciously participated with him in his journey.  Quickly man was not divided by race or heritage but united in one goal, to finish the race.  The story ends with the cowboy, stoked with the spiritual energy of his ancestors and the real-time energy of his new desert friends, rides Hidalgo through the waves of the sea, people cheering and joyful, even for the cowboy and his painted pony.

When Frank comes to say goodbye to the Sheik, their connection is obvious, as it was from the beginning.  They just took a little time to embrace it!  This historical and epic movie is another clear and beautiful path to understanding the great impact of the human connection and the great force we have for good in the world.   It comes in the form of our own energy, special and unique to us alone, abundant and meant to resonate with incredible rhythm and harmony within the minds and hearts of people in conscious awareness.  The energy is the light, which comes from Source, the One and Only known by many names, and this Energy is all there is, and all that will be.  We have been terribly disconnected, and the time is right now to see the endless possibilities, all right before us!

I’ve spent all day with my computer, since early this morning, with this one bright idea in my head, of how important connection is.  I’ve been sleeping with a phantom quartz crystal just bigger than my finger and a slightly smaller double-ended wand of fluorite, all purple and green with clear sparkling crystals inside, being open to the possibilities!  So as the baby spring crickets chirp out that old familiar song of spring, I wish you all, every one, a peaceful and starry evening tonight!


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